Thursday, February 10, 2011

Adoption Photography Auction and Fundraiser

We have these blog friends over at Millions of Miles who we recently met in person.  They have adopted a beautiful boy, Miles, from the Congo.  Now the Terry family is working to fundraise to support Congolese orphanages and Haitian aid.  I was first taken aback by the Congo in the late summer, just after Tedi came home, when I read an article about 200 Congolese rapes that included 4 infant and toddler boys.  I was horrified....That is why now, especially after knowing the Terry family and meeting Miles, I feel that we (Christians, adoptive families) are not only called to support the country from which we have adopted or adopting from but rather care for ALL orphans.  For regardless of country, skin color, language, or religion, we are called to care for the least of these.....

So what is the fundraiser....well about two weeks ago, I blogged about my friend Elizabeth Lauer who took our family pictures...  As I said in my previous post, I love Elizabeth, her photography, and her heart for orphans and adoptive families, despite the fact that she is not an adoptive mom, YET.  She has offered to help the Terry family and their fundraising efforts for the Congo by auctioning off a pretty sweet photography deal. 

Words Lizzie Loo Photography:

One family session is up for grabs! This includes one hour of photography by yours truly, a DVD of all your high-resolution images fully retouched/printable, a 4×6 proof printed proof set and a 16×20 print of your choosing. That’s a $1000 value, my friends! You will have all you need to print the images to your heart’s content, hang them on your fireplace and share them with friends. Annnnddd if google maps says you’re under 1 hour 30 minutes drive time from the zip code 40065, I will drive to you and waive your travel fees. That, my friends, should open up the Cincinnati, Frankfort, Louisville, Indiana, Elizabethtown, Lexington areas. This also means if you can get your fam to a location that’s 1 hour 30 minutes from 40065, you, too can enter – let’s meet in the middle!! Anyone can bid, so hop to it!!

Head on over to her website to find out all the details and how to bid on this awesome deal ...  Trust is worth what you will pay.  And, let's be real, it is going to support orphan care!  Always awesome! Also, just as teaser, I included some pictures below of the family photography she has done for others (since you have seen plenty of ours).  Also, checkout the facebook page for more pictures!

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