Friday, January 28, 2011

Celebrate Adoption

So because I am awake and feeling well enough to blog again AND because I am not quite ready to write about today's funeral experience (maybe next week)......  For now, I will blog about my fabulous friend and re-visit my pro-adoption blogging. 

In September of this year, I was reading my friend Amy's adoption blog ( and admired her pictures taken of her newly adopted son.  Through conversation, Amy told me she found her photographer through Celebrate Adoption, an organization of photographers who help/support adoptive families through photography.  Being in journalism, Amy bee-bopped her way to all the Kentucky listings before I could punch the keys on the keyboard to ask her the question.  Ironically, of the only four participating photographers in the state, one was in Somerset (where we used to live) and the other just outside of Louisville.  Adoption is such an integral and everyday part of my life that I wanted the person who was gifted the opportunity to shoot our family pics to appreciate our son and experience. 

I contacted her in my awkward, you don't understand my work schedule kind of way.  And then stressed for weeks about what to wear.  Then didn't understand why Tedi couldn't wear white...(something about contrast of colors...I don't really know :-) So I am sure on the day she met us she was thinking, "This is the cutest boy ever.  The husband is pretty awesome... This girl is a hot mess and needs to Chill out."  Everything went well and Tedi participated with the help of suckers and Lightening McQueen.

A few weeks later on a random Monday after a stressful lunch at the Cheddar Box (we had to wait 45 minutes for a table and Tedi was runny everywhere) we met Elizabeth at her studio in Shelbyville. Being former NYC residents, JT and I were/are both in love with the studio and her Westie, Leila.  (Not to mention, we loved our pictures.) When you go, you will love it as well.... HOWEVER, I was so scared Tedi would break something that I was holding my breath the entire time. 

Fast Forward to now.  Elizabeth is a very dear friend to me. She volunteered her time to take photos for JT's non-profit event....  She watched Tedi so that JT and I could do dinner in December.  Along with our friends Sarah and Brittney, Elizabeth helped to watch Tedi throughout our recent family death and the arrangements thereafter.  (And even after I type this, I realize it seems like she is doing all the giving.  I really hope it isn't as one sided as it sounds.)  Most importantly, Elizabeth has a huge heart for Jesus and therefore a passion for adoption... and I see this every time she is with Tedi.  But, even if I did not call her friend, I would still recommend her photographic ability.  Her work speaks for itself.

SO FOR YOU..... for those around here, I love my friend Elizabeth and highly recommend you use her for your adopted family pics!  She has an amazing heart for adoption and will love on your kids like not everyone will.  Email ( me if you are interested and I will send you her way.  Her website is to see all of her pictures.  She also took pics of another family that is connected to my blog who have adopted from the Congo (  Check them out!
If you are not in KY, check out the Celebrate Adoption (  And lastly thank you Amy Post for a simple conversation months ago that has led to such a fun and fulfilling friendship. 

Some of my favorites (of the many) that you may have seen already in the fall but I wanted to highlight here again....  Love them!

And one of the best...Tedi with his friend "miss E-liz buth".... We all love her!


  1. I love Cheddar that I have kids it stresses me out too :) Always a wait and only a few tables they will allow highchairs at, haha.

  2. Love the 3rd one !! and the first one is pretty darn cool. we are fellow kentuckians : ) I LOVE photography and take many photos myself. just wanted to comment and say hey y'all from one KY fam to another!

  3. OMG!!! So excited to have been a part of your journey to friendship!!! YAY for awesome people in our lives that become blessings in such fabulous ways. Miss our chats Natalie, we must FB chat again soon! ((BIG HUGS))