Friday, December 31, 2010

in pictures

Since I started blogging my med school adventure in 2006, I have tried to do a year in pictures.  Though I know all of you have seen most of these pics...I probably enjoy these posts more than anyone.  I hope you enjoy!  There will be a lot of pictures

January 2010:
We were in the midst of our adoption fundraising as January began....both finishing up ornaments and starting to plan our tshirt sales.  We welcomed home our friends' child, Hensley Hannah, who happened to be the first Ethiopian child we held in our arms.  The best day, though, was January 23 (my mom's bday)...was the day we first saw Tedi's face and fell in love!

 Hensley Hannah on Jan 2, his second day home

 JT shoveling up the multiple inches of snow we got last January.

We continued our fundraising, working and waiting to find out where I would do my residency.  I celebrated my birthday and we enjoyed my grandmother's 80th and last birthday.
 from an Africa exhibit we attended in Somerset
 an Africa decal we purchased from another family
 our T-Shirt order arrived!!!!
 babysitting Hensley as he sported our shirt!
 Celebrating my 27th birthday at El Taxco, my favorite Somerset Mexican joint

Unfortunately, I could not find any pics from March.  However it was a big month.  I found out that I matched into residency at the University of Louisville and we received two grants for our adoption. 

What a busy busy month!  JT built Tedi's headboard with our good friend, Jason Fox.  Several of JT's cousins organized a big cookout fundraiser for our adoption... Two of my dear friends from med school got married in Chicago and we enjoyed Derby festivities with friends!
The Louisville Slugger headboard
 RiverBats game on the day of Thunder
 with my dear friend Sarah at O'Shea's after a baseball game

 so many of the people that attended our cookout
 at the Derby Festival balloon glow
 with Sarah's boyfriend Zach
 in a Chicago hotel room with a new picture of Tedi....he was finally smiling
 Lindsey, Jason, Lisa and me at the rehearsal dinner in Chicago
 the lovely bride and groom
 Hensley also got a Hollis Hannah

During the fifth month of 2010, many beginnings and endings occurred.  One of my dear friends, Jacqueline got engaged.  I finished working with the neurosurgical practice in Somerset, KY and we moved to Louisville.... AND WE PASSED COURT IN ETHIOPIA
 Jacqueline's engagement
 flowers from my dad the day we passed court for TEDI
 Tedi's furniture that I refinished with Sarah
 Goodbye party at work
 ByeBye Somerset

We traveled to NYC for my medical school graduation....FINALLY.  We settled into our new Louisville home and I started residency orientation.  Most importantly, JT traveled to Ethiopia to bring Tedi home...what a busy, blessed year.
 wearing my Simply Love shirt in the LOVE sign on 6th Ave
 with JT's fam at graduation
 with my fam at graduation
 my good friend Eunice and me at graduation
 Tedi's bedroom finally finished
 our shower for Tedi
 JT and his buddy Salom in Ethiopia

I started residency and we were a family of three... there is not much more to say
family of three at the airport
eating Ethiopian with mommy and the family for the first time

The lake, swimming, time alone with mommy... a busy but very fun month
 first jump off the diving board
 on Granpa Kevin's boat for the first time
 with my Grandma Morris, one month before she passed away.
 Ethiopian party with many of his friends from the orphanage
First Day of Pre-School

First Football games, and mommy working a lot...Though we did not get many pictures, September was a month of continued bonding and adjusting as JT got aquainted with his new job at Family and Children's Place.
 at the Louisville vs Kentucky football game
with mommy

Halloween, Huber Farm, Stella's Bday party and getting to see old friends.  The most rewarding part of September was when Tedi was able to meet his friend, Isaac Meseretu, who was in his orphanage in Ethiopia.  They loved playing together!
 with Stella, trick-o-treating at the Louisville Zoo
 Huber Farm
 with Isaac Meseretu
Tedi really thought this was "Woody"

Tedi's "4th" birthday, new friends, Lightening McQueen, and seeing Grace Hiwot again

 with Grace Hiwot, his favorite girl from Ethiopia
 Loving his new car
Awesome birthday cake

I can say that I have never never enjoyed Christmas more than watching the pure joy that Tedi showed this Christmas.It was truly a blessing and was the BEST Christmas gift I could have been given. 
 with Santa
 first Christmas with Granny Sylvia
 Christmas tree at home
 Christmas with Granna and Pop....gotta love Handy Manny's Flicker
Christmas Morning with Lots-O and Porkchop