Friday, February 11, 2011

What is Love???

Someone once said to me in the middle our adoption process... "You or I can not love someone not of your body and blood.  At least not until you have time to get to know them and they earn your love."  (pause).....

Yes, this was said.  Don't sit aghast that someone said that.  Many people think similar thoughts without the having the kahunas to say it.  When this was first said, my blood boiled.  I was impatient in the adoption process....I was aching for a child....and I had seen the face of my soon-to-be child.  Upon seeing his face, there was no going back and un-loving him.  I knew when his big, sad eyes stared back at me that I could never go back to how I was.

How, then, do you love someone?  It is my belief that loving is a very difficult thing, but one that, for those who call ourselves followers of Christ, is innate and required.  Liking....well, I think "liking" is a different thing.  We do not always "like" everyone or their words or their actions... People earn our "like" but deserve our love merely because Christ loved us. 

Therefore, a child can not earn your love.  Tedi could not earn my love.  There are times, even now, that I do not like his actions, his disobedience, but I love him.  How can a child who was placed in orphanage be expected to unabashedly offer  love..His birth mother displayed the most sacrificial love of giving him up to save his life....something unfathomable to my selfish heart...yet in her absence and the loss of a family, I am do not doubt love was something far from his little heart.... So how could this little broken boy "earn" my love? 

If you have met Tedi, you love him.  You can not help it.  He is beautiful and loving and silly.  He gives kisses and hugs, most of the time.....  He shares his food, his candy, his toys without ever being shared with.  He wants to cook, clean, carry groceries, laundry.  He just wants to be loved in all he does... and if you meet him, it is hard to NOT love him....I love this boy and am already praying for him to find the wife that will love him one day....

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  Matthew 19:14

Because I love making these fun videos, here is a Valentine's video of Tedi and of love....of all the people who love my son without restraint... I don't have pictures of all of you but please know what a blessing it is to my heart for all of you to love my boy...

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