Fundraising 101

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Disclaimer: We have fundraised for the adoptions of both of our sons.... We have been very blessed.  Below are the fundraising stories of each of our adoptions followed by ideas that I recommend from experience and from other's success.  If you have ideas or such, please email me and I will add them (and give you credit).  This is a work in progress. 

Tedi's Adoption (1st Adoption):  When we decided to adopt Tedi, wet did not even the money saved for the application fee.  We did not know how we would pay for the home study, much less the entire adoption.  BUT we had faith that God would help us provide.  We were visiting one of my friends the Saturday after we sent our application.  I asked her how we were going to do this... She said, "make Christmas ornaments... I would buy one."

Chernet's Adoption (2nd Adoption):  As we moved into our second adoption, our financial situation was different.  We were both working and able to pay for many of the inital fees up front out of pocket. I worked several extra shifts to save money. We also sold t-shirts and ornaments and had a photography session fundraisers early on.  However, with this adoption, we were chosen to do a Both Hands Project (see below).  Through this project we raised $10,000+ for our referral fee and travel costs.  We are still saving for our second trip.  We were so blessed by all the people that sponsored our Both Hands Project. 

Fundraising Ideas:

Yard Sale:  We did not do this ourselves. However, we know several families who have had great success with this. 


Holiday Related Items:



Combo Parties:

Fundraising through Others:

Grants & Such:

Show Hope: This organization is run by Steven Curtis and MaryBeth Chapman.  They do both orphan care and awareness as well as provide grants to adoptive families.  They are also a great resource for adoption information in general.  A must see!

Lifesong for Orphans: I do not have enough good things to say about this organization.  They do grants, loans, matching grants, and are dedicated to helping orphans the worldover, even in countries where children are not adoptable.  I am such a fan of this organization and their mission! 

Both Hands Foundation: Both Hands (who partners with Lifesong) is an organization that partners with families to fundraise but they live out both aspects of James help work on a widow's home while raising funds.  They have you get sponsors for your work (like when you get sponsors for running a race or golf) as do your friends... you serve the widow and raise funds for your adoption.... below is our adoption video.  You can definitely do this... We raised $10,000+ for our second adoption with this Godsend of an organization!