Wednesday, February 9, 2011

101 in 1001

So I have these friends that did this.  I was intrigued but after some thought decided it would be both fun and motivating.  I realize that all of these things may not get completed.  Some do not have tangible ways to measure progress or even completion.  However, I love the idea of having goals and fun stuff to try to achieve.  Plus I think I may have my friend Sarah on board too.... Enjoy.

Start Date: 2/5/2011
End Date: 11/2/2011
Bold are completed, Italics means in progress

1. Buy a legitimate camera and know how to use it
2. Go on a skiing vacation (must convince JT to do this....tough sell)
3. Send at least one card per week, hopefully more
4. Compile a journal of all of my favorite quotes
5. Finish Residency and choose a sub specialty
6. Re-read “KiteRunner”, “Thousand Splendid Suns”, “Great Gatsby”, “Prayer for Owen Meany”, “Cold Sassy Tree”, “Streetcar Named Desire”, and “Jane Eyre” and few Sarah Dessen books
7. Read the following for the first time “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “The Jungle”, “Othello”, “Red Tent”, “I know why the caged bird sings”, “Diary of Anne Frank”, and a few more
8. Do a yoga class consistently for six weeks
9. Wear a bikini in public
10. Have another child, by adoption or birth
11. Join a book club
12. Have a girl’s weekend in NYC and re-experience my favorite places
13. Participate in a health advocacy project
14. Take a pottery class using a pottery wheel
15. Compile my mom and Melinda’s recipes into a “cookbook”
16. Take Tedi to Disney
17. Complete a Case Study
18. Present at a national conference
19. Buy one adoption fundraiser item per month
20. Give at least $1000 to an adoption each year
21. Go the Derby
22. Go to the Oaks
23. Save a life
24. Run/Walk one half marathon per year (planning to walk the Derby half this year)
25. Go to a lingerie shop and buy a personally fitted bra
26. Attend a wedding of someone I do not know, just because
27. Weigh less than 140 pounds
28. Have a library in my house, even if it is closet-sized
29. Volunteer on Christmas morning at a shelter
30. Blog every day for one month
31. See the Pacific Ocean
32. Water ski
33. Return to some function in my hometown
34. Participate in a Bible study where I feel growth
35. Take JT to a bed and breakfast in Asheville
36. Attempt to convince my sister to stop smoking
37. Shop monthly at a local store/business
38. One monthly meal at a locally owned restaurant
39. Take a college class that I really want to learn about. (creative writing, women’s lit, art)
40. Start our non-profit organization to help fundraise and raise awareness for adoption
41. Sit down and tell my life story to another person with complete vulnerability
42. Take boudoir pictures for my husband
43. Own a different perfume for each day of the week (2/7)
44. Participate in a prayer group
45. Send a gift to someone every other month on no specific occasion
46. Publish an article or case in a medical journal
47. Move into a house where people can visit overnight and sleep in a bed
48. Eat at a Mario Batalli restaurant
49. Visit a real winery
50. Try a new food each month
51. Get rid of all the extra “stuff” we have
52. Go on a road trip without a GPS but only a road map
53. Teach my friends something medical that they want to know
54. Buy myself something from Tiffany’s
55. Try not to judge those around me
56. Find a beer that I like or can tolerate
57. Take a cooking class
58. Go in a store to shop where I feel inferior (like Pink or Burberry)
59. Watch all the winning movies of the Academy Awards “Film of the Year”
60. Go to a Christian women’s conference
61. Do a monthly date night with JT
62. Medical Missions, domestic or abroad
63. Participate in Children’s Day at the Capitol to advocate for children’s health rights
64. Get a bold haircut
65. Go to a chiropractor just to see what they are all about
66. Think of ideas to put on cards and convince someone else to design them
67. Go with Sarah back to the creek in Garrard County, Kentucky where I learned how to really be a friend (and take pictures there so I do not forget it)
68. Confront the person who hurt my sister and my friend
69. Buy a house and remodel one room in this house
70. Take Tedi horseback riding
71. Eat at iHop
72. Start and begin substantially funding Tedi’s college fund
73. Revitalize my blog
74. Have more than 150 blog followers (49/150)
75. Begin praying for my child/children’s future spouse
76. Pass my Pediatric Board Exam and get my Kentucky Medical License
77. Make a known difference in the life of someone else
78. Transition to a Mac
79. Fast one day per week for no less than 2 mths
80. Send someone else purple roses
81. Make a calendar of birthdays and send handwritten cards
82. Kiss JT on the kissing bridge at WKU
83. Own a football jersey
84. Have my teeth professionally whitened
85. Get a spray tan
86. Complete a champagne spinal tap
87. Host a party in someone else's honor
88. Camp for one night in a tent
89. Make a funny rap video with JT
90. Complete our will/trust
91. Have yearly family pictures taken
92. Go on a hayride and roast marshmellows
93. Swim one mile
94. Refer one person/yr to our adoption agency, one to our pediatrician, one to our favorite photographer, and one to our church
95. Be more patient
96. Call someone every Sunday and offer encouragement
97. Continue my journal of letters to Tedi
98. Write a monthly letter our sponsored child
99. Go to sephora or mac or clinique with no makeup and have them do it all; then go out
100. Paint a set of pottery for our use (plates, coffee mugs)
101. Own a larger vehicle

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