Thursday, October 4, 2012


We all do things in life and want someone to be proud of acknowledge our accomplishment(s) even if they are small.  Some will say "I don't need the approval of others."  No, we don't need it, but if we are truly honest with ourselves, we WANT it. 

This weekend Tedi and Chernet played in their weekly soccer game.  They both love it and are getting better each week.  Yet a pivotal moment for me came this week... I watched as Tedi dribbled (I used to think this only applied to basketball...I have been schooled to the contrary) the soccer ball down the small field.  He made the shot.  Standing with my friends Heather and Adam, Tedi turned and smiled at me.

"Smiled" is probably too small of a word.  Adam said "You are the first person he looked for" as Tedi made a bee line towards me as fast as he could and embraced me in a hug.  I hugged his little body that is inching closer to my height.  I told him I was so proud of his goal and his effort. 

I never imagined I could feel such an overwhelming sense of pride in anyone.....  He is a great boy and I have been so so changed by him. 

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