Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have not blogged in a while. It was not a forced media hiatus.  I was not really on night shift and sleep deprived...or really anything.  Shockingly, I have had little to say or rather, a lot to say, but just did not know how to say it.

So I will start with randomness...I will write about our life recently, hoping to move me to write more and more posts as we approach Orphan Awareness Month in November...

I am watching Glee as I type this...JT would like to kill my friends Heather and Erin for convincing me to watch this.  Oh well, right.  Thank you, Netflix.  The boys have been busy busy with soccer.  They are on the South Korea team...random I know.  The two Ethiopian children are on the South Korean team :-)  Tedi is really starting to love it and dribbles very well.  Chernet is so stinking fast but still trying to wrap his head around the rules... I would love to see him score a goal....FOR HIS TEAM!  It is hard to get good shots of the game because they will not stand still!

I love fall.  October (and November really) is one of my favorite months.  I love pumpkin anything... I love jeans and sweats and football and leaves changes and festivals.  I am not really a Halloween fan but love seeing my kids happy.  I enjoying pumpkin painting and carving and apple cider.  .   In the midst of fall, I am finishing up my interviews next week in Ann Arbor and am glad to be finished. I hope the drive with JT will allow me to soak up fall.... I will find out in November, specifically the 28th.  Now, please hear much as I love fall, it has nothing on Christmastime.  As you can see, January through September suffer :-)

I was so happy this past Tuesday....My best friend, Emily, recently moved to Phoenix where her husband took a position at a church there.  She flew in on Tuesday with her two girls, Stella and Vivian.  Tedi was so happy to see Stella.  They adore one another and he even cried to the babysitter after she was gone.  It is nice to have friends who you can just not sit out towels and not tell them where your blow dryer is and who disciplines your children without you caring. 

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