Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Avenue

I do not talk about our church much on here but I am really blessed to be part of this group of people.... We don't get just get together on Sundays, sing songs, have a children's ministry and live separate lives.  Our goal is serve others just as Jesus served others while living like a family.  A few weeks ago, about seventy five college students (we are on a college campus) and families got together and packaged meals that were sent to Zambia...How many meals? 20,000.  Yep, that is a lot. 

Today in lieu of having a typical service, we piled into a parking lot on the University of Louisville's campus and built the walls of a house that will be given to family who lost their home in Madison, Indiana due to the tornadoes.  We did this in about three hours.  There were tons of people and now a family nearby will be blessed.

Children were encouraged to help and while Chernet did not understand why we were doing this, he had fun.  With Tedi, though, we thought it was important to learn about serving others.  I hope he got a little taste of it least we tried.   We are very blessed to be part of this church and wish more of our friends would try it out as well.

Our Team....
His Granpa Kevin would be proud

They did work at some point ;-)

Tedi, Chernet, Jovi

A view of the teams

Chernet, dressed for the occasion

Working together

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  1. Always great to hear about the church actively doing His work outside of it's own four little walls. God bless you guys!!