Monday, August 20, 2012

Storypeople Parenting....

I have often used quotes from on here.  I love their quotes and gifts and I just "get it" or maybe they get me (since they clearly know me personally).  Anyhow, their quotes on love and friendship are so true but I have become even a bigger fan since parusing the parenting ones.... Enjoy the quotes with real life examples :-)

You think he's scary now? she said. Just wait till he finishes off all the chocolate.

If you kill your brother, she said, you're going to get a huge timeout.

After Chernet popped Tedi in the neck with a Beyblade

There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter

this is a special balancing trick that requires a small child to stay completely still (so it's still only theoretical)

someone asked them to be quiet, so it's just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

Everything changed the day I figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in my life.

Sometimes I can't wait to leave, but not when my boys are wishing I could stay

I always wanted to invent something that would move around; make funny noises,  would change the world as we know it; I forgot all about that until we had kids; now I see I came pretty close.
Thanks, Mom.

I sometimes wake in the early morning; listen to the soft breathing of my children; I think to myself, this is one thing I will never regret; I carry that quiet with me all day long.

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