Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Weeks....

JT and I laughed today.... we can not believe it has been four weeks since Chernet joined our family.  It is a little surreal some days.  We were getting in the car for church on Sunday and I looked at him, over my sunglasses nonetheless, and said, "Do we have two five year olds?  Am I almost thirty?" These were not lamenting comments.  These were.....Man, life has changed... comments.  And for the better.  I can say that today.  We had friends over and our children were well-behaved (though I did not ask my friends' opinion).  The boys played alone in their room for an hour with no fighting, no biting or kissing, no hitting or tears. 

I don't want to forget these moments so.... the top moments of the last four weeks:

~ Text from JT while I am on night shift:  "I may or may not have kicked the shake and go Buzz into wall.  Just saying."

~From the night Chernet came home...spoken by Tedi: "Chernet, we speak regular here."

~Watching the boys welcome home JT with screams and hugs....each day as if it has been weeks since they have seen him.

~While sad, watching Chernet cry for his brother when they are separate.  It lets me know there is bonding, and now, love. 

~Tedi to us then repeated to friends, adamantly: "My eyes used to be brown like my brother's but they are blue now like my daddy's."  He really thinks they are blue and he is NOT color blind.

~Chernet LOVING dogs. 

~A constant fascination with the Amharic word for penis.....and saying it in public.

~Listening to Chernet speak Amharic to Ezra at church...hearing him say he liked living with us but did not like that meat other than chicken we tried to feed him....

~ Tedi: "Mommy, Chernet just peed on me."
   Me:   "In the bathroom?"
   Tedi:  "Nah, in our bedroom.  On my shirt."

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