Friday, August 17, 2012

Cherry Coke Zero, Hail Marys, and School

I am giving myself 15 minutes on the computer.... 15 minutes to blog, drink my cherry coke zero, have some mango peach salsa, and maybe work on an HIV project for work.  This cherry coke zero is the first one I have really stopped to enjoy....the first one that is merely more than the caffeine within it.... And let me tell you, there are big brown jealous eyes staring at me....whether they want the soda or to not be forced into "quiet/nap time," I do not know.  Nevertheless. 

A smattering of happenings here lately.....

Since I posted back on August 6th, things have definitely improved.... there is more laughter and sharing and love.  Evidence #1: Today my friend from work and her twin 2.5 year olds came over.  There was no biting, no crying, no pinching, no whining.  Both boys actually shared with the younger children.  Evidence #2: Last night's toy car clean up effort took less than 7 minutes.  Maybe a new record....even if it was in order to have chocolate.  Evidence #3: Tedi cried more in the first two weeks that Chernet was home than in the entire time he had lived with us.  In the last week, I believe we have only seen real tears once or twice.... and they were because he did not want to lose his privileges....not real tears in my book. 

Chernet had his ESL test last week.... I know we are all shocked that he was offered ESL services.  The beauty of this is that we had our pick of schools throughout the entire county.  We chose our home school as a his second choice and tossed a Hail Mary at a performing arts magnet school that often proves difficult to get into..... Guess what, for once, JCPS jumped up and caught the pass like Eli Manning to David Tyree in the 2007 Super Bowl.  Chernet will be going to Lincoln Performing Arts School for kindergarten this year.  It is so close to my work and a mile from Tedi's school....which will be convenient for the babysitter in the afternoons.  We are so excited for the boys to both be in good schools....the fact that they are at different schools may prove to be more challenging. 

We have been seeing every doctor in the city recently.... who knew every child in the city had to have dental, eye and medical appointments to start school.  I mean, we were already going to do this but Seriously?  I guess it makes parents get it done.  We have gotten six shots (yes, I believe in vaccines.  you won't win that argument here), multiple blood draws, a dilated eye exam, and the dental exam is Monday....  JT gets to do the dermatologist alone :-) Sorry babe!

Lastly, I have been scheduling my fellowship interviews..... I have one scheduled here and in Milwaukee for my vacation (like next week) and then Ann Arbor and Pittsburgh for October.  I am very honored to be offered interviews at these great programs.  Milwaukee is one I am excited about because that is the city where my lovely friend, Eunice, from medical school is completing her residency.  I am driving up alone and getting to spend an extra day with her.  It will be such special time because I get to meet her new husband and reconnect!  And just to be clear, I am excited for the one here.  I love it boys do....JT does.... I think they like me.  It is gonna be tough!

Okay, I think it has been longer than 15 minutes.  We have to go to Chernet's school open house tonight and I have yet to shower.  I wonder, do stay at home mom's ever shower.  If so, I do not know how.  I am obviously not cut out for this ;-)  What I am cut out for?  The glass of wine I will be enjoying tonight with some friends....


  1. Enjoyed your update. And I have found that showering is now a privilege... unfortunately.

  2. To answer your question: no, SAHMs do not shower... At least not this least not daily. :) But, as you know, those boys make it worth it!

  3. As a stay at home mom, I usually get a shower about 2 times a week...if I'm lucky. And once they go to bed at night, I usually am too tired to want to stand up in a shower...I'd rather collapse on the couch with a big glass of wine...or chocolate milk...or both.