Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Word FULL Wednesday

I see lots of people who do blogs post "wordless Wednesdays" but I am not that good at keeping it word free.  After my last post, I had lots of comments, emails, and facebook messages... I appreciate all of the kind words and support.  We have been offered meals....which we so appreciate, but with the exception of me working this weekend, I will be home for most meals in the coming weeks!  I also did not want the post to insinuate I have these crazy awful kids...  really there are more good moments than bad.....many many more.  I think my level of sleep deprivation makes the bad seem unbearable.  We have had a really good couple of days together.  I have learned that boys are better when they are busy!! On Monday after I woke up, we went to Michael's to start a behavior chart of sorts....I DO NOT craft so that was interesting.  I was lost, to put it nicely, then onto chocolate ice cream (chernet was all about that) and finished at Waterfront park.  We were at Tyler Park at 7:45 am yesterday running it out and then the babysitter took them to her pool and gym and then back to Central Park last night with friends!  Thankfully for me, this meant they slept till 8am lucky! With all this park visiting, I am heavily convinced at my need for a backyard.  I could at least look less presentable when outside if we had a backyard...

Today we go for a meeting at my work.  Yep, I am the crazy person taking two 5 year olds to a work meeting then for Chernet's first checkup with the pediatrician...poor Dr. Amy.  We get to start the vaccine catch-up schedule.  Fun times, I am sure will be had by all!  Tomorrow is Chernet's ESL testing for public school and Friday we see the Infectious Disease team!  I am excited to have little plans because that gives us something to do and get out of the house!  Sometime in all of this, we will celebrate our anniversary and I will start (and finish) a big work project! 

So yes, things are tough but there is also beautiful, sweet moments.  LIke the ones pictured below. 

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  1. Hi Natalie - I have been lurking on your blog for about a year. We recently brought home our little guy from Ethiopia this past April. We worked through Lifeline/Westsands. I work as a Family Practice Physician Assistant and love hearing how you balance everything. Medicine can be all consuming. Sorry for the long note, just wanted to introduce myself and encourage you. You are doing great! I am praying for you and your family. If interested our family blog is at Get some sleep! Amy