Wednesday, May 2, 2012


*I got of work at 4am and only slept five hours or so... hmmmm, wonder why?

*I wrote cards to Tedi for each day we are gone and got all teary-eyed. 

*We dropped Tedi off with our friends.... their hilarious 3 year old looked at Tedi and said, "Listen here mister, you are coming with us."

*Finished packing....

*Ate ice cream to mask my stress.....go ahead psych people...analyze that coping mechanism.

*We did do some calling to AT&T.  Aren't you shocked that Ethiopia does not support international roaming.. Right, I know you aren't... So, it is $0.50/regular text$1.30/picture text.  and $3.50/minute to call.... but there is good news!  You can text JT's phone all you want and we can read them.  You just likely won't hear back from us unless it is an emergency or you have our kid with you!

*Email me if you want/need to communicate.  We will have some access to internet when we are there...we think.  I am going to try to blog if I can.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the support, cards, donations, facebook messages, moments on here.

Enjoy this picture from Emily's twitter or Tedi and Stella tonight.... the Tweet "Tiny toes...To excited to sleep.  #sweetfriends"

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