Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day by Day

We leave on Thursday.... yeah, it is pretty soon.  I am so many emotions at one time...nervous, sad, scared, overwhelmed, excited, tired, blessed...and on.... I wanted to give a rough itinerary for a few reasons....just for anyone who wanted to know, for anyone who wanted to pray for that day specifically, and for those living vicariously through us (I do it through other's when they travel).  I am working tonight...my last ED shift for a while... I am hoping for it to move smoothly and quickly so I can then begin processing all of these emotions I have... I appreciate every one's comments and emails!  I will do my best to update during our trip.  I should be able to blog from DC on Thursday night but not sure about after that.  I plan to journal as to not forget....  as if I could.

May 2: Drop Tedi with our friends the Fox family, start malaria meds
May 3: Fly to DC with overnight layover
May 4: Fly from DC to Addis (14 hour flight)
May 5: Land in Addis at 7:15am Ethiopia time, Meet our Son!!!, spend time with the nannies doing some medical teaching
May 6: Travel to meet Tedi's birth family...
May 7: Time at a school and orphanage doing medical stuff....shopping, time with our boy
May 8: more medical stuff, Eyes that See, and time with our boy
May 9: COURT... shopping, medical stuff...
May 10: Take our son for some HIV blood work, time with Eyes that See, Depart at 10:45p.m.
May 11:  Arrive in Louisville at 7pm

This is our rough "American" estimate as country's like Ethiopia involve flexibility and very loose itineraries..  I am mentally and emotionally preparing for the challenge that is before us.... the challenge of knowing I can not save the world but can save the world for one....one at a time.  (I have this problem...just people I know at work).  the challenge of providing medical care with limited resources, little followup... the challenge of being Jesus in all I do in that I will love regardless of station in life, condition of skin, contagiousness of illness, and continue to give and give again. 

please follow our journey.  I promise to be real.  That's all. 

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