Sunday, April 29, 2012


We are leaving for Ethiopia on Thursday... that is four days from now... yep, 4 days!!!  (insert heartburn, palpitations, deep breath, repeat..... okay, I am kidding...a little)  I have thankfully had the last three days off to soak up time with Tedi, buy the rest of the stuff we need for the trip (snacks, donations, and such), and see family.  My mom drove up to visit on Saturday and we visited with her and my in-laws then.  We also had lunch with this girl, Brittney Armstrong, and her family at the local Ethiopian restaurant, Queen of Sheba.  Britt is learning to make injera to go along with her other wonderful Ethiopian dishes... glad I have friends that are good cooks. 

We let Tedi wear his new shirt that his Granny Sylvia got for him.  I mean, I must say...he is pretty darn cute.  It was great that he got to see most of his family this weekend and they made a big deal about seeing him.  The grandparents are always good for a bad toy (ie... Nerf dart gun with 50 foam darts) and some soda. 

Below is the face of a person who I love... like a sister, more than myself.... a woman who loves my child as if he were own.... will discipline him, hug him, bathe him, and make him behave.  I love Emily and her family.  It is with this family, the Fox family, that Tedi will stay for the half of the time we are in Ethiopia.  Despite my love for Em (and my in-laws who will also keep Tedi), it saddens this mom's heart that I will be leaving Tedi.  I have reiterated over and over to him that we are coming back.  We are not leaving him.  It is eight days.  We are making him a calendar so he can mark off the days until we come home... This will be more difficult than his normal week long trips to the grandparents because of limited access to phones and such.  Maybe I am over-reacting or worried preemptively.  He will probably be just fine but as his mom, I worry about him.... not just because he is my kid.  That is obvious.  But this is a little boy that has been left before, regardless of the reason... he spent time where he felt left alone...  so I need him to NOT feel that way now.
That is all.  You can judge.  Go ahead.  I am overreacting.  It's fine. 
Isn't it a good picture of me and Em, though. 


  1. Not over reacting, you are a is what we do, lol. The calendar is a great idea. Maybe you could leave a short note for him to read each night too...just an idea.

    Best wishes!!!!!!!!

  2. Awwww, I get it! I had a TERRIBLE time leaving my boys. We did the calendar thing too, and they really liked that. I also wrapped a small gift and a note for each day. It gave them something to look forward to. You are SO not overreating. Our kids have been through a lot in their young lives, and it is our job to protect their hearts. Our boys did much better then I thought they would. Now I worry about Havyn for the next adoption....and we haven't even submitted our dossier yet (this week!). Our family is praying for you all!!!!

  3. Leaving your little one behind is rough! He will survive though, and you will too - but it's tough! Good luck in ethiopia! Hope you have a really great trip :)

  4. Just found your blog. We have a court date of May 10th and are leaving the 6th. Maybe we will run into each other! Good luck on your journey to your son!

  5. SOOOOO excited for you all! I will be praying like crazy this week and next and will be living vicariously through you!!!! Can't wait to talk when you get home. Enjoy every single second of Ethiopia!