Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This and That

1. Bragging:  I first must brag on my man!  Two weeks ago JT earned a promotion at his work.  His friend Brian left for another job leaving the position open.  Having earned it, JT was thrilled to get the nod and take the job as Associate Director of Development for Family and Children's Place.  I am so very proud of him and needed to share with everyone. 

2.  Boys Only Trip:  Over Memorial Day weekend, JT, his dad and his brother took Tedi to his first Cubs game!  (I worked..... Shocker) JT grew up watching the Cubbies on WGN and now our little Henderson family are true Cubs fans.  They ate Giordano's pizza and ballpark hot dogs and said "Go Cubs."  That is what Tedi thought the trip was all about!  Below is a pic of the souvenir Tedi picked out....

3.  Reading: I was an English major back before med school....before that, I was the nerd who loved to read.  So in preparation for adopting Tedi, I collected books.  We even had one of our showers that focused on books, not clothes and toys.  Well until this last week, Tedi quite honestly had no interest in reading....as much as me or his teacher, Ms. Johnson tried.   Now, to my surprise, Tedi all of a sudden wants to read and I am totally digging it! Our favorite...... "LLAMA LLAMA Misses MAMA"  We love it! Below, JT caught a pic of Tedi and I doing our nightly reading.

Yes, this was my boy praying at bible study. It does not get much better than seeing this. 
 ....Glasses shopping with mommy.... he is still darn cute in the glasses. 

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