Thursday, June 16, 2011

349 Days....

.... is how long my son has been home from Ethiopia.  I can not believe it myself.  Within a week of coming home, we took Tedi for his first checkup with the doctor (shocker, since I am a pediatrician myself).  At that time, he weighed 36lbs and was 39 inches tall.... Going with the birth date we were given (making him three and a half at his appointment), his weight was 75% for age and height was 50%.  Yesterday, 348 days after coming home, that boy weight 43.8 pounds and was 45.5 inches tall.......meaning he was between the 75-90% for weight and >95% for height with a BMI of 15.5 (50%)...again, I am in peds so cut me some slack with the percentiles. I do plot my own kid's growth.  YES, he GREW 6.5 inches in a little less than a year.  I can not even believe it....I guess all that bone growth weighs a lot because he is still as thin and athletic as ever.  Do I think he is truly four and a half years old....probably not.... Are we sticking with that age? Yes.  We understand the Ethiopian dating system is not always accurate..... so my son will always be that kid with his height beyond the growth chart.... It is amazing what love and food can do.  I am not sure in his previous arrangements he could have managed to grow that much in one year. Before you know it, he will be taller than me. 

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