Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Conversations with Tedi

As we pull up to the stop light I hear.....
Tedi: Mommy, Mommy!  That's Happy Neal.
Me: What, Tedi?!?
Tedi: Happy Neal.  That's Happy Neal. 
Me (realizing we are next to a McDonald's): What's in a Happy Neal?
Tedi: Ummmm.... fwench fwies, toy, spwite (aka french fries, toy and sprite)

Today in the grocery store....
Tedi:  Mommy, waz that?
Me: That is a PEZ dispenser, like you have at home.
Tedi: But that's a Madagascar zEEEbra!
Me: Maybe I can have the Easter Bunny bring you that.
Tedi: That is VERY good idea Mommy.

In the same store....
Tedi: Mommy, waz that? (pointing at nerf balls that you soak with water)
Me: A toy that you do not need and I will not buy.

Tedi: I no like cheese. I no like sausage.  Boys no like sausage.
Me:  Fine then. You and boys do not have to eat sausage. I am making them for my bible study friends.
Tedi: Oh, so you making them for girls?
Me: Yes.
Tedi: Me and daddy not like sausage.  Only Bible study girls like sausage...

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