Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 3: Three Films

I love movies but am not always tied to them like many people are....  But I do have a few favorites....

Family Movie Favorites (Tedi really):
1) TOY STORY (this lumps them all together):  I can not tell you how much he still loves these movies and I am not sure he will grow out of them anytime soon.  Plus, I think they are great movies about friendship and love and sticking together.  And maybe a great 15 minute babysitter....

2) CARS: Gotta love this movie....a touch of humility, responsibility and loyalty... and MATER..  Just when we thought this one may be fading....Cars 2 is coming out.

3) KUNG FU PANDA:   I must admit this movie sat in the DVR for almost two months without viewing....however, now that I have seen it, it is truly one of my favorite kid movies... Not only is Po the Panda adopted by a duck who makes noodles, the message of the movie is about the difference in life is "you".  And like Cars, Kung Fu Panda 2 will debut in May....

Personal Favorites:
1) Love Actually:  Far and away, this is my favorite movie.  I know, a strong statement but I love it.  I love the episodic nature of the movie and intertwining of lives and stories... I like the stories of love and friendship and the humor.  I don't know if it all of this or that it was the movie I watched countless times while studying for medical school exams during a difficult time in my own life waiting to land in an airport, but I am a huge FAN!

2) Red Violin:  Though I have not watched this movie in awhile, it is a favorite that started in my theatre class at Western Kentucky University.  Like Love Actually, I appreciate the episodic nature and the change in decades... I do not know if I could even find this on DVD but I have the old VHS.  Check it out.

3) Hmmmm, Bad Boys II or Hitch: I know I great reviews attached but if USA or TNT show a movie over and over, I take it as credible.  Love these two and know most every line...can't pick between them though.

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