Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 2: Two Songs

Songs really evoke so much emotion inside of me, I won't lie.  Name a song and I can pin a memory to it....but choose a specific song or two that I love, well that is difficult.  I will give it a shot.

Two Family Songs:
Our family songs are ones that really incorporate Tedi and our newly formed family.  Before him, it was more like a mix of 90s music as our soundtrack, yet the evolution of our family has brought our world and my perspective on music.  Check out these songs on iTunes or if you have not heard them.

1) Lay 'Em Down by NeedtoBreathe
The first song Tedi learned.....he can sing the lyrics, at least most of them, and each time he does, my heart good way.  He claps his hands and sings, insisting no one else sing.  Ask anyone who has heard...your will melt

2) Follow You by Leeland
We sang this over and over while waiting for Tedi to come home to our family and now it serves as somewhat of a mantra for us....a goal for the way to live our life as first a couple and now a family. 

Two Personal Songs:
....and two songs that I love, not just for right now but that are reminiscent of my life....

1) Walking in Memphis by Mark Cohn
This song takes me back to multiple car rides with my dad.  I can not hear this song without thinking of my dad....  So nostalgic. 

2) O Holy Night (any rendition) or I Wanna Be Loved Like That by Shenadoah
First, I love Christmas music but of all the songs this one...shew, I love it....  The other one I loved as a child because it had my name in it....then I fell in love with content, despite it being a country song. 

What are your favorite two songs?

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