Tuesday, February 22, 2011


So I went back and found some bday pictures....  from 2006 on.  My real bday celebration for this year is this Friday so I will post several more pictures.... AS I LOVE BIRTHDAYS and CELEBRATING THEM....these are fun pics below so enjoy!


First Birthday as a mommy

with Taryn before going to eat yogurt at Ce Fiore... YUM

El Taxco....with my neurosurg friends.... gotta love fried ice cream, sombreros and margaritas


In Chicago, with Jason and Lisa, for my bday, Vday, and Step 2


the cake I made myself in NYC....not a very exciting night bc we were snowed in

Kim Ziegler took this picture


this dinner began a very long (and memorable) bday celebration...Lisa planned a great dinner with my best buds at
the joint with best lobster around....followed by drinks and cake.  Lindsey (the blonde in the white tank) acted like the paparazzi in London taking well over 150 pictures from 7p to 3am and the only thing missing was my hubby

Here I am with Joyce and LaTonzia at Sunset Beach, Dominica in 2006...my first bday away from home...I
will admit....I was a little sad and depressed but we treated ourselves to steak this night, the first time since leaving the States.

Did digitial cameras exist before 2006?  I am not sure...I, at least, didn't.... I will post pictures from this Friday

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