Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my 28th.  I do not say this to illicit multiple "happy birthdays" but rather as a way to reflect upon the last year.  This time in 2010 we lived in an apartment above a bar in Somerset, KY, the wettest dry town in Kentucky.  I worked for a neurosurgery practice and JT for my dad at his State Farm agency.  We were getting ready to rank the pediatric programs where I wanted to go as we waited for our adoption of Tedi to progress.  Today, Tedi is sleeping in his bed in his new boxer shorts (see below picture).  I am in my residency at the University of Louisville, my number one choice.  I miss so many of my friends from Somerset and from this time last year...our Mexican nights and yummy cakes at work and sephora gift cards... But this year brings new sorts of fun....working my clinic on my birthday, getting good morning kisses from my son, and 11p cards tonight from new friends...  I can look back over the last several birthdays and appreciate the change and growth each year has people, new jobs, new experiences.  I miss the old and yet am thankful for the new... Enjoy the cute pic below!

Look at his first pair of boxers (yes, they are a little too big for my little man) he looks SOO grown up.  Check out the stylish Buzz Lightyear socks

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