Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Mommy

If you have met my son, you will know that he is silly and playful and often likes to play games....especially with girls and women.  He won't give high-fives, won't give hugs and sometimes won't acknowledge them...and that includes me sometimes, but he knows that I can give punishment so I at least get some looks.  However, if JT, any of JT's friends, my friend's husbands, or boys in general, want a high-five, hug or conversation, he readily gives it... (of course if it is a trusted person)... I try not to get easily frustrated because I am like, "Really...really???"  But the more I learn about boys, through living, reading the parenting books I can get my hands on...the more I realize this how they (my boy included) learn to be being around men, pushing away from moms and women.  Now while it is hard to swallow at times, I want my son to be a strong man, a man who treats women well and lives for our Lord.... and if this means he pushes me away at times, I am okay with it.  However, there are these special moments, the moments I cherish and will hold onto as he grows and changes...  Times when only a mommy, "my mommy", as he refers to me, will do. 

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