Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Because he won't hate me for a few years.....

....I can post pictures leading up to my boy's circumcision when he is 4... Many of you may gasp, be annoyed or get disgusted that I would post pictures before and after my son's penis surgery (not of his actual penis, of course....I have a bit more tact than that, most of the time.)  Frankly, I do not care. The pictures are priceless and they are my life.  REAL LIFE.  It is also another unspoken question of international boy adoption...which about this time last year I got from fabulous husband.

I was headed home from working for the neurosurgeons about this time last year.  I got a call from JT, which was not out of the ordinary for my drive home.... well here is how the convo went:

JT:  So I have a weird question.
Me: ummm,,, okay?
JT: Are we going to get Tedi circumcised?
Me: Are we really having this conversation?

JT, a man, was obviously thinking about this long before I ever thought about it. Well, a year after that discussion, we made that trek.  Tedi, ever the jokester, insisted for the last three weeks that he did not want to have his penis "fixed".  Well, that was until I bribed him, yes a bribe....he could have a new toy if he was agreeable and well behaved.  It did not take much more convincing..

He has done great today.  Our child really is the only one who is not affected by anesthesia.  He was groggy and "hungover" for about 45 minutes.  The minute we walked in the house and popped in Toy Story 2, he was back his old self... with a little more whining than normal.  He has had some funny questions and comments best not posted for the world...let me know if you want to hear them...they are HILARIOUS and priceless.  Enjoy a few snap shots of our day.

in the KCMC lobby, watching Handy Manny

Playing with the cars that the hospital had waiting for him.

Daddy caught this picture immediately post-op; still so handsome

on his way out.

Chilling in the wagon

with his new Buzz strapped to a rocket.


  1. you have to message me the funny comments! I love his funny comments! He is sooo cute!

  2. Glad he made it! Hey, bribery in this situation in definitely appropriate!

  3. Donna....I agree. Bribery was essential. Today he is doing so well..the anesthesia did not touch him. He was bouncing off the walls...and now wanting to show it to everyone....my word!

    Hope you are hanging in there. We are praying for you guys, and the boys!