Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome Home Party!!!

Tedi has been home seven weeks now. However, JT's family wanted to give us time to adjust before having a shower/party for Tedi. We are blessed with so many supportive family members and what a great day it was !!!!! JT's cousin Rhonda opened her home for everyone and JT's two aunts and another cousin hosted the party. We asked for books because Tedi has plenty of toys and clothes....Boy was Tedi blessed!!!! He received so many great books. Once I get them all put away, I will post their names a pictures! My mother and stepfather drove up from Tennessee to spend time with Tedi yesterday and for the shower. We so appreciated it!!! In true Tedi fashion, everything was TOY STORY!!!! Enjoy the pictures below.

Welcome Home Tedi Cake....with all of his favorite Toy Story characters

Entering the party with Daddy.... a little scared of the dogs

with Me

Sporting new sunglasses and trying his first Capri Sun

My highly organized son lining up the cars his friend CJ gave him

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