Wednesday, August 18, 2010


1) Ethiopia is STILL weighing on my heart. Sponsoring a child through World Vision and one through Children's Hope Chest and my adopted son, Tedi, do not settle my need to do more. During residency, I am not sure what else I can do (well adopt again..eventually).... For now, I will continue to advocate for adoptions, help to give to other families in the adoption process (domestically and abroad), and pray.... pray for guidance on what is next....

So in the mode of supporting orphans, please check out
This is the blog of a young girl, Sydney, who has raised several thousand dollars to feed orphans in Ghana. Her family, who live in Knoxville, are adopting two children in Ghana and leave next week for their embassy appointment. PLEASE consider supporting this little girl. She has more world perspective than most seasoned Christians, myself included.

2) We are STILL praying on what church we will attend. This is very important decision for us and for Tedi....and a very difficult decision. We love loud, rocking contemporary worship with a church focused on missions and not appearances... I say all of this knowing that churches are people, thus completely imperfect. I will never find perfection as I am imperfection. We are praying for the place that is ours...

3) Tedi is STILL growing and changing each day. He is saying more words each day..... For instance, he knows all of "Jesus Loves Me", can do alphabet sounds and is using complete sentences....even if the pronouns and prepositions are not correct. He is doing so well, but still has typical three year old behaviors. He starts school on August 24...three day per week pre-school. We are all very excited!!!! Also, he is going to be starting soccer in September. He is going to play in the Highview Baptist soccer for 3/4 year olds. It is a five week rather than putting him in a more competitive, expensive league, we are going with a shorter option to ensure he likes soccer as much as he seems to.

4) Residency is STILL very scary and overwhelming. I am back to work in the schedule is all over the place. I work again Friday and Saturday during the day, but then nights next Tuesday through Friday. Crazy. Then, I work in the wards (inpatient medical floors) sleeping at the hospital every four nights....well not sleeping. Thus, scary and overwhelming! Yet, despite the fear and anxiety and sleep deprivation, I love it and feel I am doing what I am supposed to be.


  1. Immanuel Baptist Church!! :) You lovingly made four Christmas ornaments for two couples there. One of the couples is beginning the adoption process for two more babies from Ethiopia! I'd love to meet little Tedi in person :)


  2. Kathy,
    Who were the families that received our ornaments? I looked up the church and we live just down the street.... on Barbee. you can email me

  3. How cool! I'm going to send you an email right now :)