Monday, August 23, 2010


We have been working on a bedtime routine each night. Finally tonight he went through it without prompting. JT asked Tedi if he was ready for bed and he walked to his room willingly. Upon crawling into his bed with me laying next to him and JT standing above him, he said his Bible verse "God loved us and sent his son." Then, he folded his hands, ready for his prayer...though his favorite part is saying AMEN. Following the prayer, he went directly into singing Jesus Loves Me. It was beyond words!

Tomorrow he starts school!!! I can not believe it. I will definitely let everyone know how it goes. Below are pictures of him and his cars from his day with me today. He is a little obsessive...don't you think?


  1. I LOVE an organized boy!!! Good luck with the first day of school! And, guess what, Grace LOVES to say "Amen" too - her favorite part :)

  2. Lleyton and your little man would be best friends. They both love lining up the their matchbox cars and Lleyton also loves Buzzy and Woody. Glad to see that Tedi seems to be doing so well.


  3. he is cracking me up with those cars!! what a cutie!