Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tedi's First Day of School

Today is Tedi's first day of pre-school at St. James. We tried to photograph what we could, but Tedi is not a fan of taking pics, only looking at them on the screen afterwards. We didn't cry and neither did he. Once his teacher came to the auditorium to take him and the other children to the classroom, he grabbed the hand of the little girl he had been playing with (Aidah) and walked away...no goodbye or otherwise. He is growing so quickly...SOOOO FASSSTTTT. I hope school goes well for him and he doesn't shut down. I pray his teachers are patient with him because he does not speak much in new situations. This is my biggest prayer. I do not want him to have a bad first experience at school. I will update everyone tomorrow.... Off to an overnight in the emergency room!!!

Still Sleeping

Waking up

With Daddy!!!!

With mommy (who looks a bit rough)

Getting in daddy's car with our Teddy Bear, since it is bear week in school

walking towards school

Holding Aidah's hand, heading to class

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