Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eleven days/Eleven thoughts....

1. My life is not my belongs to a little boy, a hospital, and sleep :-)
2. I have seen more Toy Story in eleven days than I have my husband.
3. The feeling of my son sleeping on my chest is a feeling that words can not articulate.
4. Trying to understand the combination of Amharic and an Ethiopian tribal language is not the easiest tasks when trying to discipline and teach a 3 year old.
5. It is never any easier to leave for work in the mornings, and I am the furthest thing from a domestic wife/mom.
6. Little boys are so different than girls.
7. Repetition works. He understands more than he can verbalize.
8. I can not do it all, especially the domestic stuff, but I am sure trying to be a great mother, wife, and doctor.
9. Picking my battles with Tedi can make or break an evening.
10. My sister in law should have been in pre-k or education. She taught Tedi more words in one day than the other days combined.
11. I have best, most loving husband who I love even more after seeing him as a father.

on 7/14


on 7/12
Favorite Convo with Tedi (had multiple times per day)
Mommy: "I love you, Tedi."
Tedi: "I love you Mommy"
Daddy: " I love you Tedi"
Tedi: "I love you Mommy....ahahahahah" laughing, knowing he is joking with JT.

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  1. I love seeing your pictures! Tedi looks so happy, and so do both of you! Blessings!