Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures By Days

I am trying to steal an idea from our friends Curtis and Meredith Hannah. I want to get a picture each day for the whole first year we are a family of three. I am doing my best. Here are a few over the last few days. Sorry I have not posted a lot lately....I don't know how so many people do it...the working mom thing. Being a mom, going to work at 5am and trying to be a good wife are not blogging is my last priority for now. But here are some pics. I am also working a post for his big day of firsts!!! JT will be working on posts about his trip in Africa once things settle into a rhythm! Thank you to everyone for support.

7/11: with Buzz Lightyear and his trucks .....being silly with mommy at Lynn's Paradise Cafe

7/10: on the porch at Granna & Pop's porch (JT's parents) with his second cousin Grant

7/9: Blowing bubbles and playing with the ball with Peyton and Blake, JT's cousin's children

7/9: Being silly with mommy and the pasta strainer.

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  1. Loving the pics Nat...looks like Tedi is adjusting well. A friend told me that once Ellie was home we wouldn't think twice about all the waiting we did. And they were right! God is good...what a beautiful family you guys are!