Saturday, July 17, 2010

Louisville Science Museum with the Foxes

Last night, JT, Tedi, and I met our dear friends, The Foxes, at the Louisville Science Museum. There was a Sesame Street exhibit about the body. We were both very nervous about how Tedi would adjust to being with Stella and baby Viv, especially while being stimulated at the museum. He did great! Only thirty minutes in, they were holding hands and running around everywhere. He would yell for her, calling her Eh-stella. Then she called him tiddy....imagine how that sounded at the top of her lungs. After the museum, we went to the Homemade Pie Kitchen and had ice cream and cookies. Well, Stella had my orange sherbet and Tedi ate a cookie. We said our goodbyes and gave kisses then got in our cars. Upon getting in the car and heading home, Tedi realized Stella was not coming with us. He had a 15-20 minute crying episode, well meltdown rather, on the way home. We recovered once home, but it was not a fun ride. Overall, it was a great time for everyone....we saw our great friends and Tedi made a new friend in Stella. Enjoy the pictures

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  1. Tedi looks so cute! I miss him! Hiwot and I read a book every night and it mentions a bear named "Teddy"...I often wonder what she thinks. She still smiles when we look at pictures from our time together in Ethiopia. Hope all is well!