Thursday, June 10, 2010

23 Days..
LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGIN..... I meet my son in twenty three days. JT flys out in 15 days and meets Tedi in 17 days. BUT, we will officially be a family on July twenty three days. Obviously, I won't count down each day....
Another note, I emailed as many people as I had email addresses for....however, if you follow the blog and would like email updates while JT and TEDI are in Ethiopia, please email me ( I will update the blog but the emails will be more personal with more details. So just let me know.....


  1. Where will JT be staying in Ethiopia? Just curious!

  2. Hey guys, we have been following your blog for quite some time. Congrats on your travel dates. We will be arriving in ET the same day as you and leaving to come home on the 2nd as well. Maybe our paths will cross while there. Best of luck

    The Ritzmanns