Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We have official, confirmed travel dates. JT is leaving for Ethiopia at 10:51a on Friday, June 25. He will arrive in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia around 6:30p on Saturday. (they are eight hours ahead of us). He will get to hold and meet Tedi on Monday, June 28. Our Embassy appointment to get Tedi's paperwork to return to the US is on July 1. My son and JT will return home on Saturday, July 3 at 6:00p. Yes, MY SON!!!!!!! You may have noticed that I am NOT going on the trip. I start residency on July 1, the day of our embassy appointment. The plan is for me to take two weeks of vacation in August to spend quality time with my boy! We are excited. I will post more in the two weeks to come!


  1. Yeah! I am glad you got your dates set. I wish they were earlier so you could go. i hate that for you. BUT...he is coming HOME!! VERY SOON! I can't wait.

  2. I KNOW! I am scared to death and excited!