Thursday, May 6, 2010

I Wonder.....

I got home before sunset tonight and needed to re-focus after some things that have happened in my world and the pain of waiting for Tedi..... especially the pain of Mother's Day coming and going, another year, without being one. I sat down outside in rural Kentucky and thought about my son.... I returned my to English major roots and wrote a poem. Though elementary, it is my Don't expect Walt Whitman or Dickenson to jump off the screen.....

I Wonder in the Wait
  • I sit and watch the sun set
  • across the Kelly green grass
  • I wonder when you will be in my arms
  • and if this time will ever pass
  • The cool breeze lifts my hair
  • and whips it in the wind
  • I wonder how you are sleeping
  • and will this wait ever end
  • The birds continue chirping
  • as the day draws to a close
  • I wonder if you feel alone
  • and hope this chapter will soon close
  • The leaves dance briskly on their branches
  • and show their color to the sun
  • I wonder if you know I want you here,
  • my one, my only son
  • The blue sky fades to slight gray
  • as it waits to see the moon
  • I wonder when I can hold you close
  • and if you will come home soon
  • The warm day yields to cool
  • as darkness tries to overtake
  • I wonder if you will know
  • how with each picture of you my heart does break
  • The stars shine brightly above all night long
  • awaiting the morning dew
  • I wonder if you know, my son,
  • how very much that I love you.


  1. Praying for you EVERYDAY!


  2. I remember that pain so well, Natalie! I'm praying you will soon be together forever! I will tell you that once Ellie was in my arms, all the waiting in the world didn't matter anymore. SHe was with us, and it was all in the past. If yu ever need to talk, don't hesitate to call!

  3. Beautiful poem, Natalie! Praying that you can get your little man home soon!!!