Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fab Five.....

1) State Farm... They continue to employ my husband, my dad and step-dad...gotta give them props.

2. Children's Books... I am kind of addicted to checking them out and am resisting my English major/mom to be urge to buy tons of them... I found this one on Tuesday and bought a copy for my friend's daughter and Tedi. You should definitely check it out. It focuses on how everyone is equal regardless of skin color and place in the world.

3. 147 Million Orphans (again). We got this shirt for Tedi. They laughed at us because it is girl's shirt and is pink. I think it will be gorgeous on Tedi's brown skin and once you see him, you will too!!!

4. Rubbermaid... we should have bought stock. These suckers are not cheap but worth it, I know it now that we are moving!

5. Our house.... This is a drive by shot of the front of the house! No pics of the inside yet.

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  1. I love that book! I met the author (Mem Fox) and she autographed a copy for us. It was also a treat to hear her read the book to us! Have a great Easter!