Sunday, April 4, 2010

"The price of our adoption pales in comparison to the price HE paid for mine."
~from the facebook of Christi Ucherek
So, JT is now in Louisville to start his new job. I am here in Somerset, working in the meantime, waiting on a court date, and planning for the next few months. We got all but our clothes and furniture out of the apartment and into was exhausting but it is over. Today, we were able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. I looked at JT during the service and said "I hope this last Easter without children." We are so very blessed and though stressed.....I must say we are blessed to be stressed with jobs and moving and waiting on court dates. Because the stress means we have been granted blessings. Otherwise, I do not have much to write about tonight but I wanted to include some great website/blog links that I think everyone will enjoy! This is the blog of a 21 year old missionary in Uganda who has adopted 14 girls and has a feeding program for over 500 children. WARNING. If you read her story, your life will be changed and you will be uncomfortably challenged to be a different person. .... This is the website and blog of a mom in Nashville who has adopted and runs this business on the side. She makes specialty t-shirts, wall art, and others.... She is making something for us and wanted to give her props. Whether you have adopted or not, she has something for you. .... I have given them props on here before, but I wanted to do so again. Their ministry is amazing. Check out their Ugandan necklaces and new tshirts. They have their personal blogs attached, but beware, you will cry. ..... Many of you may be familiar with this but it is a website of home-made goods. It has anything from clothing to furniture to arts to just about anything!

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