Friday, April 2, 2010

Big Changes....No Court Date.

You read correctly....we still have no court date. However, we have a lot going on otherwise. I will try to break it down day by day. Despite not having a court date, we are so very blessed with all else that is going on in our lives.

Monday: JT and I head to Louisville so he can have 4 interviews with State Farm agents. That afternoon we went to look at a house to rent in the Germantown neighborhood that is owned by a friend of a friend. We decided to take the house. It is a two bed room, 1 bath with a fenced yard and finished basement. It is five minutes from my hospital and perfect for us/TEdi. That evening JT had his first of four interviews....they actually wanted me to meet them and we chatted for almost three hours.

Tuesday: JT meets with several other dad's in the adoption community to discuss starting a support group for dads. He has three other interviews while I have brunch with my friend Sarah and then go shopping with my friend Jacqueline. On the way home, JT and I discussed to jobs and he made a difficult choice between two great offices.

Wednesday: My dad, JT's boss, tells him to go ahead and start with the new agent on Friday. He decided to go up Thursday and work Friday. We decided to move out of our apartment we are in now, for JT to stay with his parents until we get the house in June and me stay with my dad here to finish up working.

Thursday: JT leaves for Louisville. After work, I start packing our kitchen with my co-worker Sofia.

Friday and Today: I continued packing and we moved everything but our clothes and furniture into storage. Next weekend we will move the furniture. Living apart is not fun but it was must be done. We have done it for two years....what is two months?

In Summary..... JT has a job and we have a house to live in. We blessed with great friends and great family members. Now, we just prayerfully wait for a court date so we can bring our beautiful son home. I never knew I could love someone or miss somone or need someone so much having never met them. Please pray that our little boy has a good Easter and feels the love of our Lord. I will leave you with a quote from our friend's facebook.

"The cost of our adoption pales in comparison to what Jesus paid for mine."

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