Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday, Busy Week......

I have had a fabulous weekend. Yesterday, I was able to run 4 miles with JT in training for our half marathon and go to a great yoga class at the Y. Afterwards, we met my mother and grandmother for lunch. My mom was in town visiting my grandmother so it was nice to see her, if even for a little while. I had time to take a nap then we headed to Burgin, KY (don't ask where it is) to watch my friend Jacqueline coach her high school girl's bball team. We had dinner afterwards and headed home. We woke this AM and went to church, where the music was great, of course. Since we got married, Sunday has already been our favorite day to hang out and was the perfect Sunday....two great football games and rain. After church, I never took off my pajamas.

This week, unlike today, is going to be very busy. We are both working this week but on Thursday night we are heading to Louisville. I have a second look interview at the University of Louisville pediatric residency program. Then that night we start our adoption training from
6-9p and 10am-4p on Saturday. We are going to try to visit our friends Phillip and Abby, The Maynards, and JT's mamaw all in that time.....Yes, we are crazy. On top of this, we have to squeeze in our running for the half marathon.....which is exhausting to think about.

Speaking of which, we are getting ready to start asking for sponsors for the race. What does everyone think? Just ask for $1 per mile for a total of $13.10. I am not a huge running fan so this training is taking tons of faith and pain but I am doing it....SLOWLY with walking...but it is getting done. And, our t-shirt design is almost complete!!! I can't wait to post it. Our friend who did it has done such a great job! Let me know what everyone thinks one last time!


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