Sunday, November 22, 2009

140 Ornaments SOLD

We have sold 140 ornaments in less than one week. Our initial goal was 150 ornaments, which will pay the first half of our home study. We never thought that we would achieve this. We should have had more faith. Not only have we sold this many, but they are finished! We sat for 7 hours yesterday and painted ornaments...some were customized, some were the basic ones. We are shipping and delivering our first batch on Monday! The first 50 are more of a whitish shade, and the rest are more silver-ish. However, a few friends requested gold....we obliged.

SOOOO if you know anyone else who would like an ornament, let us know at my email,

Thank you everyone so Far!!!



  1. Natalie- Can we get 2 ornaments?
    I like the heart on Et and on the other side can we get the boys names and "Home Forever 2009"
    Camden Yishake
    Lincoln Yohannes
    I will see when Paul will be out there, can you pay you then? Just let me know! TTYS Bethany

  2. Bethany
    We will definitely make you guys two ornaments! Just have Paul let me know when he will be down and I will have the ornaments here! We talk about your boys all time. We need to get together again soon!