Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the Meantime...

...I have done things like turn 30, present at a conference in New Orleans on HIV in the adopted child, signed my life away to a house, built a support beam to take out a wall in said house (that was a new one thanks to my dad), watched friends bring home their new children, watched our small group from church grow and change, and much much more.

It is interesting when you stop and think of "meantime".... you think you have done so much but when you look back it feels so nothing has been accomplished.  But at the same boys are changing before my eyes.  Every time I blink, they change.  They grow.  Chernet has more English...more love....better behavior.  Tedi is smarter and asking so so so many challenging questions and is so smart.  (If only they could tie their shoes.)  They are both amazing soccer players and love Walker Texas Ranger and the Bible on the History Channel.

So while "meantime" seems so fleeting, its these little, seemingly insignificant moments where life happens...memories are made.  Friends show up or don't...relationships grow and strengthen.  I want to live in the meantime, soak it all up....

I will try to catch up the blog on the big stuff but also write about how the meantime is changing my life.  Over the next few weeks, the blogs that will be coming...

Chernet and Change
Our House: The Difference a Yard Makes for a Boy
Our House...what we have done
What's Next for us
Adoption topics: Should you or shouldn't you, supporting others
On Pregnancy...and no I am not pregnant
Several Guest Blogs
HIV Topics: basics, meds, love, sex

If you think of any topics you would like shared, let me know and I will do it.... also, any questions.....

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