Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Handwriting and Kevin Bacon

On the evening of the election, I will speak NOTHING about the election. 

I have written about it many times but I have a weakness of giving cards and receiving them.. not emails, not facebook messages, not texts...but the real deal.  I often feel they go wasted and unappreciated but at the same time, the pleasure and happiness I have in picking out each one for each specific person is worth it if there is a slight bit of joy brought to the other person.  Very few people seem to enjoy them, and that is fine.  However, a couple of weeks ago as I sat up in the hospital waiting listen to a kid after a breathing treatment, I found my self flipping through the medically sound magazine of PEOPLE....  You know the last page of the magazine usually has a quick bio story of a star?  Well, this random one featured Kevin Bacon (as I typed his name, I realized how weird it is to have the last name Bacon).... I read this little bit in his article and felt VALIDATED by the Footloose protagonist....
"My favorite thing in the world is to receive postcards from friends.  And I trave a lot, so I send them back.  It may be old-fashioned, but when I see someone's handwriting, it's like a little piece of them. And I always love it." 

I feel the same way about the handwriting bit but just feel too cheesy and self conscious to admit it.  I loved seeing my mom sign her name growing up.  I feel a sense of comfort seeing either of my parents' writing on a piece of mail.  JT thinks I am crazy when I do not want to put a return address on a piece of mail.  I, however, find it exciting to guess who cards and letters are from.  I know you are shocked I had a pen pal in elementary school.

Anyhow, if you send me a card or letter or postcard, rest assured it is being saved and treasured, regardless of how insignificant the occasion or as meaningless as you may think....it is in my "card box" that my friend Erica designated in our last move for the collection!  She said it was a little out of control...  every one of them means a lot.

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