Friday, September 14, 2012

The Friday Five

I did these regularly when I started my blog....The top 5 things making the week....sometimes I would choose topics (top 5 adoption t-shirts, top 5 things for kids, top 5 books)

Now that fall TV is back, I will pick my top 5 shows this fall.  Keep in mind, most are DVR-ed and saved for later dates.  I hope it goes without saying but I will say it nonetheless, our kids DO NOT watch these with us.  Come one people.

1) NFL...
Really all football. We just love it.  Our perfect Sunday is coming home from church, putting on sweats, turning on whatever game is on and eating football food.  One way to spend a great fall day in the Henderson house. 

2) The Good Wife
We all loved Julianna Margulies as George Clooney's girlfriend, Carol, on ER.  She is now on The Good Wife, which we have been watching for a season or so now.  We thoroughly enjoy it and ends are Sunday night shortly after football ends.


3) Modern Family
Who does not love it?!?!  Why should I even explain?  If you have a family even slightly deviant of Leave it Beaver, you will appreciate this. 

4) Scandal
This is a new show for us..... it is a mix of politics and drama and sex set in Washington DC.  Kerry Washington, the lead actress, is one of most beautiful women I have seen.  Plus she does a great job in this show.  We are not hooked to this yet but it definitely makes the DVR.
5) This one is a toss up.  JT and I will argue this one out.  There is the Office, which used to top the list and still makes a weekly appearance but is falling off.  JT loves the MTV series REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES Challenge.... yes, he is the only 35 year old still watching it. Yep, I just outed him.  I will vote for Project Runway.  We both watch Law & Order: SVU.  I am trying to get JT to watch Glee but he is not there yet.... Can anyone convince him?

I think that is it.  What are some of your favorites?


  1. please tell JT that I watched that until not long ago when I realized it was the same ppl as old as me still sleeping with each other. ha


  2. I understand JT... I am old enough to say that I watched the FIRST Real World season...I get it. Enjoy your tv time (and make sure you wear your cheesehead on Sunday afternoons).