Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prayer Time (JT's Post)

Natalie traveled to Pittsburgh the past few days for a fellowship interview.  I spent the past few days in "single dad mode."  Single dad JT serves dinners of Pizza Rolls, Veggie Burgers and Baked Lays Chips.  I am proud that I limited myself to one beer per night (the thought of getting tanked did cross my mind) and no toys were harmed while Natalie was away (if you've ever heard my kids play harmonicas or Shake and Go Woody you know this is an accomplishment). 

During our bedtime ritual, the last thing the boys do (besides empty their bladders which apparently are the size of a spare tire) is to climb into my lap and pray.  Prayer time with two 5-year olds is hilarious.  Prayer time with two five-year olds who are recently adopted is high comedy.  Chernet thinks closing our eyes for prayer = peek-a-boo.  Tedi tries to say the same prayer every night.  He is very ritualistic.  I think he was born Presbyterian (sorry for that failed attempt at theological humor).

I generally pray for these things with my kids:

-their behavior at school
-help Mommy be a good doctor 
-help Daddy do a good job at work and church
-thank God for family and friends
-committing my children's lives to service to others and searching for relationship with God
-their relatives back in Ethiopia

The past few nights, the weight of that last request has weighed heavily on my mind.  We do not know much about Chernet's family.  We met Tedi's mom and several of his siblings.  I know the type of environment they live in and the struggles they face daily.  Dwelling on this situation is difficult.  Often, Tedi becomes emotional when I pray for his birth family.  I am unsure if he is crying for them or the thought of them.  Either way, it pains me to see my son grieve. 

During my personal study time, I find God has sent me a clear message recently over and over.  It is a mantra of which I need to remind myself constantly:

"Just because I have promised you something does not mean you will get it easily.  You will have to fight for it." 

God has promised us a family that will be restored and redeemed.  He never promised us that it would be easy.  Knowing this makes the "fight" a little easier.  I try to find rest in this fight (I know that sounds counter-intuitive) because it is a fight that God Himself has called our family to.  I am proud to fight for my two little men.  I am not a perfect dad.  Heck, most days my plan is to get out of the way long enough to let Natalie do her thing.

1 Peter 1:6
"In all this you greatly rejoice, though for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials."

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  1. Great post JT, and congrats on not getting tanked :) There is no doubt about it, this journey is definitely a fight, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Bless you guys!!