Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blue Smile & Jesus

As the title implies, this will be a random post, and quick one at that.  Today was a blue smile day....I opened Chernet's backpack today searching for the behavior color of the day.  It is kind of like America's terror alert system. Blue is better than yellow, orange or red....We have been living in the Lincoln Performing Arts School verson of the NO FLY ZONE...yellow was our previous goal... SOOO blue is beautiful in this house.  Before I could even get to the folder, he was saying
"Sa-my-ell" in a thick Ethiopian accent.  I quickly realized he was trying to say "smile." Well as you can see below, there was a blue smile in Chernet's behavior calendar.  You can see the orange creeping in from yesterday.  While we have so many little things to work on, we CELEBRATE the little blue smiley face.  (check out my initials above with accompanied smile of own.)  I may have said that ice cream will be in order if there are two blue days in a row....wonder if he understood that English....?  He is my son so I think so.
Here is where Jesus comes to play.... My friend and her daughters were over today after school...the best kind of visit...spontaneous, impromptu.  The kids played and we ate dinner and such.  Her younger daughter, Evie, found the boys sparse craft stuff (you know how I feel about crafting) which consisted of crayons and construction paper.  A few minutes later, this was posted to our fridge. 
If you can't see it, there is a boy and a girl labeled Tedy and Evie.  I am not sure if they are holding hands but they are clearly friends.  And really isn't that what Jesus was all about.  Just loving each other....regardless of anything else.  There was no black, white, rich, poor, healthy, sick, Protestant, Catholic, Republican, Democrat... he really just loved people.  I know some of you will argue that it is more complicated than that.... Maybe it is, but I think if we really sought to love each other without pretense and essentially like children do, our world, our jobs, our homes, our relationships in general would look a lot different.
Okay, enough of my two cents tonight.  Off to give a mock presentation to my sleeping men, yes they are all sleeping now.  I won't apologize for talking about it.  It will be over tomorrow and you will not have to hear about it any longer.  Don't worry.  I will find something else to ramble about.


  1. I just wanted to "pop in" and say hi. I have been following your blog for a few months now and I want to say you are such an inspiration. We are in the process of adopting now and we are anticipating that our child should be be home in about a year. After 12 weeks off I have to return to work and I am beginning to stress about it. Your kiddos (who are super adorable by the way) look like super happy little guys!

  2. Thanks Aja. Where are you adopting from?

  3. Hi, We are adopting from Ethiopia too through AAI in MI. I actually came across your blog on the Ethiopian adoption blogroll. I feel like I have learned a lot about the process from reading others' experiences and it has been very helpful!