Thursday, June 21, 2012

Update.... of sorts.

We found out yesterday that our paperwork is ready to be filed for embassy...Great news! Our agency files their cases each Wednesday.... we missed the filing yesterday.  People who even traveled after us were filed.  However, the fact that Chernet is HIV+ makes him have a much more detailed medical clearance than a "healthy" kid... thus the hold up.  So now, we wait for that.  We pray that his stuff is ready next Wednesday... once he is submitted it could take 1-2 weeks to be cleared or up to 12+ weeks......

What does that mean?  We need his medical clearance to happen ASAP so he can be filed for embassy....and then come home.  And also....I need it to not be a further imposition for HIV+ to get home... Let's be honest....they need to get home just as soon as the "healthy" kids. 

So think about our little boy today.... cause we sure want him here


  1. thinking of you guys and hope it happens next week!

  2. 12 weeks? Nooooo! I'm praying for soon - look as his sweet smile. He is one cutie.

  3. definitely praying! Love you guys!