Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Last year on Father's Day I wrote about the many, many dads that are not there every day...DNA donors rather.  You can read it Here.  I also talked about the four men in my life, four fathers, who really made a difference.  This year I am so thankful for these men.... for my father and step father for making me a better person.... my father-in-law for making JT who he is.... and JT for, first, being the best friend I could have....a loving father and devoted husband.  Also, though, I am thankful for Chinesho, Tedi's birth father, whom neither Tedi nor us ever met.  I hope to honor him the raising of his child by birth. 

What I have learned this year, even more than in years past, is truly being thankful for the dads in my life.  Two of my closest friends have lost their father prematurely.  Each day is more difficult for them....especially today when we all honor and celebrate our fathers, that absence of theirs is more palpable. Because of their loss, I have a greater appreciation for my dad and moments with him.  The same goes for my step father....  It goes without saying that I appreciate JT but I also want to show Tedi, and soon Chernet, to really appreciate their daddy and every moment they get with him here on earth.  To teach them what a blessing it is to have such a dedicated daddy in their lives.

Thank you guys... and Happy Father's Day

Tedi and my dad

Tedi and Bob, my step-dad

JT and Tedi

Tedi and Pop, JT's dad

Chinesho, Tedi's birthfater

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  1. wow Tedi looks so much like Chinesho- how wonderful to have a picture of his birth father!!