Monday, June 4, 2012

The Mommy Book

When Tedi first came home, my sister bought him a book called The Daddy Book.  He wanted to dress like his daddy and do everything that his daddy did... I assumed there was a similar version for mommy's.  However, I never went looking for it. 

Today I was browsing Garden Ridge in effort to stay awake after a 26 hour shift.  As I was heading out, the book below was laying on the clearance table.  I bought it without reading it...just because there needed to be a mommy book to go with the daddy book.... RIGHT? 

As we have been preparing Tedi for Kindergarten for next year, he continually tells us "well, you are going to have pick up my brother and come to my school to pick him.  Like everyone else does with the little brothers and sisters."  At his pre-K, he saw this often with many of classmates so he assumed that is how it is supposed to be.  I have explained to him that every mommy AND daddy have different lives and different jobs and that we can not always pick him up from up school.  We also have been trying to explain that his brother may very well be at his school.  These concepts are not easy to explain, especially to an adamant almost 6 year old...The book did a great job of saying things that I relate to such as:

"Some mommies work at home. 
Some mommies work in big buildings.Some mommies like to cook. 
Some mommies like to order pizza. 
Some mommies go fishing. 
Some mommies go shopping. 
ALL mommies like to kiss and hug you."

Thus, I was glad I got it...  I found in this simple child's book so much truth for us as adults.  There are so many blogs, articles, facebook posts, commenting on others' thoughts while hiding behind social media, Yahoo groups .... you name it.... that criticize others' decision.  I mean really, people, we all do it differently but we all love our kids.  Some people in this world have bad intentions but  before we begin tossing words like stones, remember, we are all doing the best we can most days. 

It is a cute book and though a bit young for our son, it made the point I wanted to!  Enjoy!


  1. Cool book! I love all of Todd Parr's books. His adoption book is great too. :)

  2. That's great, Natalie! I get tired of all of the criticism too!
    "I mean really, people, we all do it differently but we all love our kid's." So true!