Saturday, April 21, 2012


So there are 11 days left before we leave.... or 6 ER shifts and 2 clinics.... I could not be more excited.  We still have not heard how the preliminary hearing went.  We assume we will know at the beginning of the week if something was wrong with our file, though our agency does not have worries that there is.  So as of right now, we are still leaving on May 3 in the mid afternoon and arriving home May 11 at 7pm.  I mean, I am super pumped. 

Tedi and I went shopping today for basic items for our trip....  The little things add up, especially in the toiletries section.  I was so proud of Tedi.  We were in a busy Walmart for an hour and a half and he was so very good.  Despite the cost,  I decided to think of the top 5 things that made Walmart worth it.

Top 5:
1) Malarone, the anti-malarial medication, was only $8!  (Unfortunately, JT's coverage is not that great for this med... $7/pill and 18 pills... do the math)  But we are celebrating a small victory with mine!
2) Watching Tedi pick out blankets to take to his birth mother stole my heart.  He said "I think she will like the ones with the flowers.  Let's get that one for my Ethiopia mommy."  If I cried, that would be the time.
3) Lightening McQueen and Francesco are making the trip to Ethiopia, along with a mini shark pillow pet.  Yep, that is what Tedi decided he wanted to take his brother as a gift. 
4) Creme Brulee Rice Pudding (2 pts on weight watchers).... not adoption related at all but oh so important in making a shopping trip Walmart rewarding
5) Tylenol PM and a 14 hour flight... need I say more

Thank you, Walmart.

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  1. okay!!!! looks like we are going to be in ET at the same time! Our court date is May 4th.... we get there the 1st and leave the 5th. Hope y'all have a great trip!!!