Wednesday, April 4, 2012

$2500 Challenge: Update

Since about two weeks ago when we issued the matching challenge (if we raised $2500, an anonymous donor would match it), we have raised $3230!!!!!!  So then add that to the $2500 match!!  How awesome is this.  We do believe some of this is from our Both Hands Project, but nevertheless, we are so excited.  This would not have happened without a big God, faithful friends and devoted family.  Between our personal savings, this project, money from tshirt sales, and an extra gift, we are ALMOST there to covering both trips and our agency fees.  I can not believe it.  Seriously.  When we accepted CW's referral a month ago, I did not know how we could get the money together so quickly.  (well, I did know because we have been provided for time and time again in our adoptions)  Now, we have the money together, we will wait on timing.

A great thing happened this week.  A guy I worked with offered to switch schedules with me at work so I could save my vacation until the end of May.  We do not have a court date and the end of May is optimistic.  However, regardless of whether we would travel or not, he was willing to change his schedule (in many ways), and my chief resident (my direct supervisor) worked extremely hard on my behalf to make this happen.  AND they did this with no guarantee that I would be going then.  SO.....please pray we get a court day for the end May... it would be a miracle, but they happen...  If it doesn't, well, JT will go when we get a date!

Thank you again for the all support.  It is not too late to give!  And we still have some tshirts left. 

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  1. That is so awesome guys congratulations!!! I'm a friend of Bobby Thompson. He referred me to your blog for some advice as my wife and I start our adoption journey. I couldn't be more happy for you guys!